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Paddle Boarding Maidenhead with Tara 

A chance to enjoy some fresh air, fabulous scenery whilst learning to paddle standing up or kneeing on a fairly stable floaty board that is between 13 and 11 feet long. It can be a one off experience and a bit of fun trying a new water sport or it maybe something you are interested in taking up as a sport or hobby. It is  fun to invite your friends and family to paddle down the local sections of the Thames. Tara will teach you to paddle the board correctly and lead you on a mini expedition down the Thames, as you improve you will speed up and can go further a field! We take paddlers on trips locally to explore the local waterways. Keeping safe and teaching you the ways of the river are important to us.

WHO Tara has been paddling these stretches of the river for years and is a member of Longridge Canoe Club and a volunteer coach. In an hour you can share her love to the river and join her as a complete beginner and join a small but growing community of SUPers.

WHICH  If you are thinking of buying a SUP board then this is the perfect way to find out more about the boards sizes and types whilst understanding a little more about river flow and currents and hazards to look out for.

WHERE Launching off sites will vary between Cookham, Boulters, Horse Guard and Bray. Weather and river flow with be taken into consideration on the day. Up to 5 SUP’s for hire along with the paddles and leashes, everything you need to get started.

WHEN You can have a look on the online booking system to see what the availability of lessons are or text/ email for another slot that suits you better or for 1:1. The choice of just paddling or paddling and Yoga on the boards. All classes are suitable for beginners, but if you are experienced or super fit then I would hope to group you with persons of similar fitness.

WHY is paddle boarding so go for you and your soul!

YOGA SUP  great way to develop your paddle boarding confidence  and just the most comfortable yoga mat in the world!

Any other questions or feedback please email me on yogatime@live.co.uk or text 07505 147957

Try it out , it could be fun! 

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