Paddleboarding Maidenhead & Cookham with Tara all year round

Henley- Hurley -Marlow – Cookham, Boutlers Lock – Maidenhead – Bray -Windsor  & beyond

Stand Up Paddleboarding = SUP

Paddleboarding Maidenhead, come and enjoy the rivers, lakes and canals of the surrounding area. You can stand, sit, kneel and learn to paddle on these  stable, inflatable paddle boards.

Its Winter season and the Thames will be out of  action for  most of it. So we are making the most of our weekends and  exploring the canals and use the local lake to continue to enjoy a whole year of paddling. I have joined forces with Maidenhead Sailing Club & DPB Club  keep us on our boards and meeting new paddlers. Please see the SUP Clubs on menu bar. 

Tara says, “I know these stretches of the river really well as I am a keen paddler in both kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. I am also a yoga instructor, which makes yoga on paddle boards an obvious choice- hence SUP Yoga.  I love nothing better than exploring the Thames with newbie paddlers keeping everyone safe whilst having fun”.

Benefits – highly social, fantastic fitness, core strength, enhances balance and coordination  and experience nature at its very best.

Book online

You can start learning to paddle board any season; river or lake. Anyone who wants to paddle  can!  I can get you started by providing the equipment and tuition. See if there is a lesson online that suits your timing or call me direct to arrange something that works for you.

You can book one lesson at a time £35 for 90 minutes and or  complete the   ‘Paddleboard Package’ £35 a lesson  and once you have completed 5 ,  you qualify for a free board hire on a Social Sunday paddle for a few hours. In those 5 paddles we will explore different sections of the river  locally and the following will be covered.

  • Water safety briefing
  • Paddling kneeling & standing up
  • Turning & manoeuvres
  • Portaging at locks
  • Fancy foot work when river warms
  • Launching safely & access points
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Equipment & river etiquette

You have your own board but it is safer and more fun to go out with others and explore new waterways. I can offer you some healthhy options!  Depending on your confidence level you may just want to join a group going out ( much more of these in the lighter warmer months). You could join Maidenhead Sailing Club as we have a Paddlesports section  and join a club session on the lake  ( some are for free) or go out whenever you want ( in pairs for winter) 3rd option – you could join a bigger community of paddlers from London to Southampton and each weekend go somewhere different and we do paddle all year round. Once you join for £25 then the socials are all free. (

DPB (Dittons Paddle Boarding ). Are  a community of paddle boarders who like to find new waterways to paddle on and new friends to go paddling with. All our social paddles are free.  Let’s face it you have your own board and a license to use the waterways, why pay any more. Our club membership is currently £25. This helps pay for our website and affiliated membership of British Canoeing and the safety and insurance that brings.   You will be on a DPB WhatsAp group and you will  messaged when and where the social paddles are ( weather and flow dependant); anywhere from Oxford, London to Southampton. (

In 2020 we have joined forces with Maidenhead Sailing Club which is very exciting. They are opening the lake to all Paddlesports, so if you have a canoe, kayak or paddleboard you can store it there or just drive it down and pop it into the lake and paddle around. If you want to take up sailing whilst you are there, that is more strings to your bow! With showers, bar, members and a lake at your finger tips, what more can you ask for ( as well as a river a few miinutes away). There will be members evening and SUP skills sessions. 


Book an appointment to visit with club and experience Maidenhead life on the lake. Picnics, bar, access to all club facilities. Super friendly and a great way to build an active social life.

There is a winter offer of £25 till April to become a member. To take advantage of this offer to email Leanne at and quote MSC23 in the subject line.’


Both these events are starting in March 202 at Maidenhead Sailing Club, if you are not a member you pay £5 plus the training fee of £10 . SUP Polo and SUP Yoga won’t begin till the warmer months. 

Improve your fitness and paddling skills with training and fun sprint races led by Scott. These sessions are great for those looking to take their paddling a bit further, keep fit on the water or get a first taste of paddleboard racing.

Social Sundays SUP Skills & Sunset

One hour before sunset, join the coaches on the lake for some paddleboard fun, designed to get you moving on your boards. A choice of activities depending on number of paddlers and coaches such as SUP Yoga on the board, sprints and turns around the buoys or maybe you are up for some SUP Polo ( ball game on the paddleboards).

Message Tara 07505 147957

Fancy booking some boards for a summer social for your friends, family or colleagues ? Tell me what you are wanting and let’s see if we can get the timings and the location that suits you ( and the price too)!
Family Fun, Breakfast, Lunch or Sunset Paddles, Whole/half day adventures, Hen & Stag Do’s, Corporate, Charity Events, Litter Flotilla, SUPolo.

If you want to paddle there are many possibilities from joining a group or making your own event; be it a one off experience or making it a weekly paddle with friends, family or colleagues.
Have a read and see if something grabs your imagination or let me know what you are thinking and we can discuss location, prices, dates etc to make an paddling event bespoke for you.

Monday Evenings in the warmer lighter months  from The Ferry will be coached by James Hazell. A Cookham resident and an experienced watersports fan on sea and on the river, has been a paddle board instructor since the age of 16 ( Bray Lake). He has competed in SUP Races and have picked up lots of techniques along the way. James would like to pass on his knowledge to those who are seeking a bit more out of paddling by practicing and refining technique, helping improve speed and agility on the board, whilst still maintaining the fun and social aspect of paddling. 

I provide all the equipment you need to get started with paddle boarding. You just have to turn up with a drink and in sports gear according to the weather that day. It is even more fun when you share the experience with friends or family members. You can have a kids or dog sit on the board with you.
SUP = Stand up PaddleBoard – SOP = Sit on PaddleBoard KOP = Knee on PaddleBoard or KUP= Kayak upon Paddleboard
Learn the ways of the river and develop techniques to motor yourself along, maybe you want to buy your own board eventually or simply rock up and join us.
Which SUP
Which SUP ?
Tara’s tops tips for buying a SUP Paddleboard and the equipment and licences you need, with links to some tried and tested paddleboards. In your lesson you can give a few different brands a go.
Where to SUP
Tara’s top local paddling routes we go exploring them in our lessons or if you have your own board try them out. It is complete with fab photos and if you BYOB ( bring your own board but not the confidence to try to launch of site, come join a lesson at a reduced price. When you have done your 5 lessons, you can come on some river adventures at the price of hiring a board. £35 for at least 2 hours, discount for more boards.
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Paddle
What a way to start your summer days or  get out of the office or house and submerge yourself into river life, even if it is only an hour.
Family Fun
Hire a two boards or more and enjoy simply messing about on the river in the quiet back waters. In the warm months you can load up the boards with a few of you and try out some creative ways to get moving. Great for a party or social gathering.
SUP Club
No membership other than making new paddling friends and joining us on our paddles out of town. Once you have completed 5 lessons in one year, you get a free board hire for the 6th!
Litter Flotilla
Paddleboarding is ideal for scooping up the non biodegradable floating debris that gets caught by the trees. So we often pick up litter as we go and get together a few times a year to form a Litter Flotilla.
Seasonal SUP's
Just a few photos to show we really do paddle in all weathers and seasons, you just need the right kit and someone to paddle with.
Safe SUP
When you sign up for your classes be it one or 5, I will be briefing you before and one the water on hazards and risks on the river. Once the river warms up, I encourage you to practice some rescue skills. If you choose to do the block of 5 classes then you will have covered most safety aspects. If you are planning to paddle solo then our Safety Course is advised in the autumn.
Flatwater & Racing Kayaking
Would you like to learn to race kayaks? I am a member and coach for our local Longridge Canoe Club. Membership for all the family, really inexpensive and all your coaching and boats are included in the price.