Paddle Post  


Information in brief about our sessions including social paddles ( freebies) and paddles for beginners and the adventurers.


All sessions include tuition &  equipment. 


Monday Morning Beginners at Bray

Monday mornings we  take full advantage of The Waterside Inn being closed and park up close. If you can park in the village carpark and mosey on down the lane past the pretty little cottages and gardens till you get to the river. If you have lots of gear and kids park outside the resturant or in the carkpark. All levels welcome, you can head upstream if you are feeling energetic towards the Sounding Arch or weave through  a bird island amonst the trees, ideally for young families and less confident. Can do both!

Hiring boards is also available from Bray or Boulters on Monday. All sessions include equipment.

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Moochy Monday Free BYO Social

Phil as a paddleboard leader for DPB and Paddleboard Maidenhead takes experienced paddlers out no matter what the weather. Stopping on route for the occasional thunder storm! Our leaders are not responsible for your safety and will be on the water ready to go by 6pm. This is not a coaching and skills session.   Sign up and details, ( if not on facebook then message me 07505 147957)  

Monday Private Groups

James Hazell an experienced paddleboard coach is available some Monday ( if not surfing in Cornwall) to take you or a group on a river tour from Boulters or Cookham. WhatsApp  07505 147957

Techy Tuesday - Experienced paddlers

Techy Tuesday 6.30pm Cookham, who is ready to get wet tonight? Are you brave enough to unstick your feet. Loads of fun.  £15 for James expert techy tips and wisdom! If you don’t have a board but are ready to join  this cost is £35 -subject to a board being available. Need to book and BYO boards ready on the water to go go go .  Book online

Cookham Experience - Beginners & Adventurers

Tuesday evenings are from  The Ferry at Cookham we have 4 different channels to go exploring.
Earlier sessions kids are welcome on boards or paddling- 9 years to handle a more with ease, as we get to grips with paddling in different conditions. Kids under 16 are not allowed to paddle without an adult.
Later session is for those with either confidence on water ( without experience) or those who have paddled and would like to paddle to Hedsor- getting out at the lock and weir. So it could be a beginners sessions or an improvers.  Book online

Cliveden Experience Wed- Thurs- Fri.

 If you want to organise a friends or family paddle and explore the highest reach of the Thames. or hire a board and go exploring on your own. Paddle upstream alongside the vast grounds of Cliveden (  and if you are a member , take a picnic and hang out on the lower grounds). If you have the fittest, energy and time then head to Hedsor Wharf, which is simply beautiful, as is all of that unspoilt route.
Kids under 16 are not allowed to paddle without an adult.

1:1 sessions are also available. 

With no locks to portage, this river adventure is suitable for beginners sessions and adventurers.  If you have experience of the river you can simply hire boards and go exploring yourself. £25 for 2 hours .

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Wobbly Wednesday Free BYO Social

Each Wednesday evening at 5.45pm Phil a  paddleboard leader for DPB and Paddleboard Maidenhead takes experienced paddlers out no matter what the weather. An easy yet beautiful route from Boulters Lock. 3 miles and around 90 minutes.  Bring your own board and set up on your own and onto the waters ( best not to wait around so we can maintain our distance) . Our leaders are not responsible for your safety and will be on the water ready to go by 5.45pm. This is not a coaching and skills session.  Some people fair better with just one lesson to improve  their stroke and foot skills.   Sign up and details for this event,  ( if not on facebook then message me 07505 147957) 

Family & Friends Weekend Paddles

Every Saturday and some Sundays you can hire boards or take lessons in the quiet backwaters of Guards Club Park which is situated between Maidenhead Bridge and the Sounding Arch.

2 hours to message around in the river whilst learning some new paddleboard skills and having tons of fun.

Hiring If you know how to paddle or have river experience then you can pay just £30 for a board and pop you and kids on the front and go upstream towards Ray Mill Island or downstream to Bray.

£35 gives you a mini lesson to start you off, I may feel you are not ready to go off paddling on main channel of the Thames.

£40 gives you a 90 minute you tuition and someone to go off paddling with you up or downstream.

You can mess around in the front of the park and swap boards with your friends and family . You are totally responsible for any children paddling with you and they must wear Buoyancy aids at all times, if you take them out of the backwaters, you do so entirely at your own risk.   I encourage all paddlers to return to the park 15 minutes before the end of the 2 hours, as I may have  to refund the paddlers booked on after you if you are tardy.   Paddling fast to get back is really hard work and does not always get you back in time, due to winds and flow of river.

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Sunset Sunday Social & Skills
This Sunday 21st will be our first time on Maidenhead Sailing Club lake.

From 6- 8pm Sunset Social & Skills   – we will invite those with their own boards, kayaks and canoes to paddle in pairs or pods of 6 and explore the comforts of social distancing on 55 acres of lake.

Free for MSC members and £5 for non- members.

Skills sessions to enrol when you arrive : Paddleboard yoga session, SUP Polo, Sprints, Relays £5 for 30 mins.

£2.50 for members to rent a paddleboard 30 minutes

£5 for non members to rent a board 30 minutes ( numbers limited)

See it as a great big social on the lake!
Book online for non members


Book online MSC members

Safari Sundays Socials
Sunday Safari every Sunday they change , so check facebook or download the app
Needs to be an early start so will be getting on the water at 8am.

Phil will lead a group further afield. You BYO board and you can join him. They are 

No charge for these if you BYO board, if you are fit and river confident and paddle well then you can hire a board, if they are available.

 Sign up & details on FB

Paddle board Hire

Board hires are available all week . £30 for 2 hours or £45 up to 5 hours. Drop off from  Boulters or Cookham

WhatsApp to arrange 07505 147957

Saturday Hires use this link Book online

Free Zoom Yoga classes

If you hire a board or join in a paddleboard session, I am offering my wide range of Yoga classes ( on land) free for that week, (except Pregnancy).

I teach yoga classes Mon to Fri and paddleboard in between- great for recovery. Most of my yoga is posture and pelvis related and keeps the spine healthy and youthful. It really relates to paddleboarding too and can make manoverabilty on the board easier.

All classes are zoomed ‘live’  ( except mother and baby classes)  Zoom link to classes you need to WhatsApp me for the code to get a one time password into the classes.

WhatsApp 07505 147957

Link to Tara’s yoga Midsummer Scedhule