Paddleboard Maidenhead


Paddle Sports Coach Tara

 Paddle Board Maidenhead is my company. My name is Tara Sutthoff Crist and I teach Yoga ( pregnancy to seniors) locally and I love to paddle – racing kayaks and Paddleboards all year round.
In the summer my fleet of 8 inflatable Quroc Paddle Boards come along with me to all my sessions. I am passionate about  introducing people to the ways of the river and the ease of paddleboarding. I have been coaching for years and I really enjoy meeting new people and the return of the fair weather paddlers each year. My husband Phil leads the social paddles during the busy coaching season and as he alternates between  kayaks and  his paddleboards. The local paddling community is growing and is so great we are making the most of the river and all its riches. We are really delighted that so many have invested in their own  boards and they are joining our free social paddles , to increase their  confidence ( & paddle fitness) and to explore the river further afield. 

Paddling Essentials

-Clothing really depends on the weather-   avoid cotton clothes as get soggy, swim wear underneath as quick dry, sports clothes, windbreakers if cool. You don’t need wetsuits in the summer but if you have anything neoprene it helps or shortie wetsuits but if it is hot, anything will do. Kids get cool quicker – so layers. 

  • All glasses need to be cheap or attached
  • Something drink
  • Footwear water shoes, flips or crocs; type depends on water and air temp.
  • Change of clothes in the car
  • Insect repellant for evenings
Costs all include equipment

 Social Paddles are free if you have your own board or as long as you have experienced you  can hire a paddleboard and join in.

Paddling Lessons &  River Adventures for all ages    all equipment included in the sessions.

  1:1  £70  equipment included

  90 minute session         2 people = £45 each    3-6 people  =  £35 each    

Book online

Hire equipment £25 for 2 hours per board –   £45 for half a day (5 hours)

Weekends Paddles – Guards Club Park near Maidenhead Bridge- 2 hour slots  £30 for a mini lesson to get you started. £40 if you want 90 minute paddle with a coach & 30 minutes on your own in the the safe back waters near the park. It makes it the ideal place for children and beginners to get to grips with joys of paddleboarding. if you know what you are doing you can rent a board for 2 hours for £25 

Maidenhead Sailing Club paddlesports Sunday Sunset Social & Skills  book online 

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult paddling on the water, unless specifically requested. 

WhatsApp Tara  on 07505 147957 to request a specific date 

BAC details to pay Yogatime 09 01 27  48897709

1:1 Lessons

£70  60   mins     Learning how to paddle efficently and ergonomically is a great way to start your paddleboarding life! In the lessons you will learn how to stand, sit and kneel paddling as well as moving around on the board when you are ready. Rescue skills if you are interested and tricks when you are ready. 

Explore the river routes you are most interested in, so you can be confident to paddle all year round if you wish. 

 Whats App  me on 07505 147957 to book a time that works for us both. All lessons include equipment unless you tell me you are bringing your own.


Most lessons and hiring will be organised closed to Maidenhead. I like to vary your experiences and show you as many great river trips as possible. So we will try to offer you different locations. 

Bray- Maidenhead- Boulters Lock- Cookham- Jubliee- Maidenhead Lake . Oxford , Wargrave is also a great place to paddle around but requires at least 3 hours. 

Board Hire

Boards can be dropped off to either Cookham or Maidenhead.  

WhatsApp Tara on 07505 147957 to book a board or look online to see if there is already a time that suits you.   Click here to search  online 

2 hours  – £30  (2 or more people)

Half day – £45

Full day – £60 if I have no other bookings 

Side note – you will need to have some river experience as you will be responsible for yourself.   

Want to buy a board?

It is a really good idea before you buy a board to try them out. They vary in length, weight, durability, strength and loads to choose from. Most people choose one too short and a paddle that is too heavy and cheap. Have a lesson or two and become more river savy  and skilled. You need a river licence and insurance to use the waterways and it is wise to know how to rescue yourself and others. You can paddle all year round if you know the rules and riverways. Keep safe, paddle in pairs and know your board. 

Social Paddles

These are free events which you can turn up to and enjoy paddling with others.

  • Just give us the thumbs up on facebook to let us know you are coming and to check for updates.
  • All updates are through facebook
  • Can be any paddlesports as long as you bring your own equipment as nothing  will be provided.
  • Max. 1 child per paddleboard & must have own Buoyancy Aid and ideally  own leash.
  • Must have a licence to paddle on river  Waterways licence & insurance
  • No one is responsible for your safety or supporting you.
  • There will be no coach or coaching just volunteer guide/s.
  • Bring a dry bag or box for keys/phone.
  • Dress according to the weather – see ‘What to bring for paddling’ button.
  • Please be responsible for your social distancing both on and off the water.
  • We encourage people to collect 3 pieces of plastic waste on these paddles.
  • You provide your own equipment and you get on the water when you arrive.
  • The paddle will start on time and will not wait for late comers.
  • Getting on the river as soon as you are ready is helpful.
  • If paddleboarding please ensure you sit or kneel near the bank to avoid injuries.
  • Just give us the thumbs up on facebook to let us know you are coming and to check for updates.
  • To hire a board you must have experience and need to Whats App 07505 147957 to book one. 
DPB Club

DPB Club I thoroughly recommend that if you buy a board that you join DPB for £20 a year, so you join more experienced paddlers on local river adventures and explore more riverways this country has to offer.

Maidenhead Paddlesports

Maidenhead Sailing Club has now opened its lake to Paddlesports. Once we are allowed to teach in groups, I will be a volunteer coach and will lead Saturday morning paddles – kayaks & SUP’s and Sunday SUP Skills at Sunset.