Maidenhead Sailing Club

We have another exciting opportunity this year to join forces with our local sailing club with large membership base of sailors ( and social sailors), and enjoy all club facilites with shower and bar. I have already taken the Power Boat course so I can be on lake duty and plan to try sailing too. You can join any of our lake Paddlesports trainings  just pay £5 extra or you can join for the year.

Check out their website and our the new Paddlesport page too.

DPB Club

2020 We have just become afflicated with DPB making us an offical SUP Club and British Canoe Club approved.  Message me on 07505 147957 and we will add you to our group and you can join for £25 a year and join paddling groups throughout the South East of England.

The socials are free, so either bring your own board or if I am going to the same paddle you can hire a board off me. Very exciting indeed.