Fancy a paddle breakfast, lunch or dinner !

Lunch hour paddle? Paddleboarding Maidenhead with Tara for Breakfast, lunch or Sunset. Bring friends, family or colleagues for paddleboarding down the Thames. What a way to start your summer days and  get out of the office or house and submerge yourself into river life.

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The Boulters Lock through to Cliveden is one of our favourite local places to witness a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the summer months. So why not book yourself (and maybe a friend or two) for a paddle at sunset. I can give full instructions ( making it suitable for a complete beginner ) or follow at a distance in my kayak, allowing  you can enjoy the moments and whilst I  watch out for river hazards. This makes for a super relaxing evening and can include  some  stretching or yoga along the way too if you fancy. Yoga at Sunset on the boards is very cool too! 

Check ONLINE  to see if there is one you can join or let me know and we can find some others who want to paddle at the same time.