Sunday Socials SUP's

My husband Phil and I  love to paddle and go exploring on as many Sunday mornings as we can and love to have our paddling friends join us. We go out all year round but recognise the most popular events are in the warmer months. 

If you have had 5 lessons with me then you are more than likely ready to join us and can hire the board for free on that 6th paddle; compliments of being a faithful paddler with us.

BYO means Bring Your Own board and join us for free or pay £25-35 and we will bring a board ( or more ) with us and you can meet us at the designated launch site for that particular paddle.

It is really important that we have clear communication as we don’t want to turn up with an extra board and we want to set off on time. Texting or Whats Apping is the best way to book your board or let us know if you want to join us at least the night before.

We love to explore and paddle further a field ( river). Normally once we see what the weather and the flow of the river is doing we put out on facebook are planned route for our Sunday Social SUP. Sometimes it is close to home, sometimes we start in Henley or do a loop in Wargrave or explore the back waters in Oxfordshire. We are also wanting this summer to go and enjoy the canals of Avon & Kennet.

The  Night Paddles, you need a bring a light and we generally go out on a Friday evening for a few hours. £25-35 if you need equipment and free if you BYO board.

You just have to be able to paddle 4-7 miles and keep up with us. We don’t paddle fast as it is  not a race.

If you feel ready to paddle with us, as you have had previous experience just join in one lesson and we can look at your skills.

Text  07505 147957 or email me for more details and keep up to date through the facebook page.

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A river adventure for Ratty & Mole

Green turf sloped down to either edge, brown snaky tree-roots gleamed below the surface of the quiet water, while ahead of them the silvery shoulder and foamy tumble of a weir, arm-in-arm with a restless dripping mill-wheel, that held up in its turn a grey-gabled mill-house, filled the air with a soothing murmur of sound, dull and smothery, yet with little clear voices speaking up cheerfully out of it at intervals. It was so very beautiful that the Mole could only hold up both forepaws and gasp, ‘O my! O my! O my!’

Kenneth Grahame

Author , Wind in the Willows