SUPolo ‘Cliveden Crocs’

How about trying a brand new river sport? This will be the first year of the ‘Cliveden Crocs’.  The training starts on Sunday evenings at Maidenhead Sailing Club , it is fab way to  advance your footwork and manoeuvres and we will finish the evening with some SUPolo.

You don’t need to own a board, or to have done much paddleboarding. One of the chaps last year had no experience and was fantastic, I named him the Trebster! There is  no doubt it is easier for those who have skied, surfed, skate boarded in the past ( not me). We wear dry and wet suits in the cooler months and in those few hot months when the river temperature rises then you will be asking to fall in !
+14 years. 
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The video above is  my first time playing SUPolo with the Raiders who practice at Guildford Lido in the winter and train with Blue Chip in Kingston upon Thames. It is great fun and you do get wet. I instantly fell in love with this crazy sport and really want some team buddies!