Boutlers Lock, Maidenhead

Any paddle from here meets at the Boulters Lock car park (not Jenner’s Cafe car park) and with easy access to the lock cut this makes for an easy & beautiful week day choice, but on sunny weekends it is too busy.

Boulters to Hedsor

For a longer paddle head upstream from Boulters passed Cliveden and if conditions are easy you will reach the back water of Hedsor which leads up to Cookham weir, but that may take up to 90 minutes depending on the flow, winds and your fitness.

Bray to Bridge or Castle

A lovely little treat to paddle there especially on Mondays as the Waterside Inn is closed and we can paddle down the back waters which is very calm and quiet backwaters and through an island which ideal of beginners before heading on the Thames. Paddling upstream from Bray takes you to Maidenhead  Bridge and downstream you quickly get to the lock and towards Windsor.

Downstream from Henley

So much nature and quiet paddling downstream from Henley, you can paddle as far as your torso can carry you. You may want a pick up somewhere downstream or  paddle all the way to Maidenhead. So whether it is just a few hours or a whole days paddle you are after, you can catch the flow and be part of this beautiful mid section of the Thames. 

Boulters Lock to Cliveden

Paddling up stream from Boulters you can meander along the Thames past Cliveden Gorge and some islands and paddle alongside Cliveden’s lower grounds. This still has to be one of my favourite local paddles and with few rowing boats a safe option. If you are a beginner you may not get all the way to National Trust Park but you will see the golden clock from a distance. I would not recommend it to beginners during the weekend unless super early or late but it is very quiet river wise for an evening paddle.

Boulters to Bridges

If you want practice on a portage (getting in and out at weirs and locks) then we go paddle downstream and walk over Ray Mill Island and head towards Maidenhead Bridge. You will pass under new footbridge bridge joining Berks to Bucks and pass under a few more bridges depending on your speed and time of journey.

Cookham to Hedsor

Not recommended if you are a beginner or alone as it requires tricky portages (getting out at weirs) but it is simply beautiful, very few boats and you explore areas that you can’t see walking. You paddle past the Odney Club grounds and through the top end of Cliveden too, trees, trees and just a couple of houses.

So many rivers, not enough time!

We are just discovering some beauty of a paddles in Oxforshire and  planning some Avon & Kennet paddles this summer. Where there is a river there often are SUP Clubs you can join where ever you are. As your confidence grows, so will your paddles. You can always hire a board through us and join us on any paddle you feel ready for. 

Boutlers to Jubliee

For a shorter easier paddle that is also good for beginners and kids too and without motorised boats, this beginning of the Jubilee is a smart choice, enter upstream after Boulters weir and these quiet back waters make it an excellent choice for SUP yoga & SUPolo.

Bridge to Bridge

Excellent for beginners, family and skills training.  Guards Club Park is just off Oldacres and is a little jewel of a park situated between Maidenhead Bridge and the Sounding Arch, perfect for yoga as there is an island there protecting us from motorised river craft and rowers. Paddling up or down stream gives different views; just watch out for rowers, as they don’t always look where they are going!  For the Family Fun Paddle this area is perfect and safe away from big boats and rowers, it also makes an ideal practice grounds to work on paddle skills.

Wargrave Loop

This is one of our most popular Sunday SUP’s as it takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on whether you do the whole figure 8 or just part of it. It can take you down St Patricks stream and the Loddon. 

Keep in touch to see impromptu paddles and planned ones too.

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