Which SUP? 

 SUP = Stand Up Paddleboards    iSUP = Inflatable Stand up Paddleboards
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I don’t sell any SUP’s but I have 4 different types of boards for you to try/see and I can point you in  a variety of directions to buy a board. Best to try them as many people spend too little or too much on a board.

My flotilla comprises of a kayak and then  Quoroc’s 12.6, STX’s 11,6 and 12.6 and a Blue Fin 14,6 and you can’t try this one but can look a hard board 12,6  ‘Neptune’ ( my husbands). Too precious for hire out, but it is a sexy looking board; but you cannot take it on holiday, you can’t just fling it on the roof of the car as it can cause serious damage if you bash into something! Not a starter board but the racers are all hardboards as they have a much more aqua dynamic undercarriage for a better glide.

Buying a SUP  

For river activity the 11 feet 6 and 12,6 are the most popular and suitable inflatable SUP board, giving the width for stability and the glide suitable for going a distance with minimal drag. If you are intending to race  then you may want a racer SUP board ( as opposed to a Tourer)  and the best place to try those is at Bray Lake here you can join a team of competitive paddlers and enrol in some races, they also have a shop.

Blue Chip Store  I buy my STX’s boards directly with them and they have the biggest choice of boards. You can go directly to the shop in Cheam or go online and if you book a paddle with them in Kingston, the lesson is taken off the price of the board you choose, so a great way to try a few more boards.  If you have done £50 of lessons with me, they will give you a discount. Brian can also do all SUP repairs; hard or inflatables. STX’s are the cheaper of the double skinned boards:  price is around £550- £650.  They also stock the single skinned £350 Aquamarina & SUPolo paddles

Looking after your iSUP This link contains lots of videos on how to get started and how to ‘treat’ your board, all from Blue Chip Store.

Quoroc do a super package including a travel carbon paddle, triple skinned SUP, triple action pump and a super travel bag, their boards are 12,6 and 10,6. £750 boards if you don’t mind spending the  money but the package is worth £1000.

Neptune only does hardboards (inc. races) and are very competitively priced, you can go down and try one ( Sussex) and then take it back with you as he does not send them @£900

Other items you may need to consider when purchasing a board

Paddles: aluminium , carbon or polycarbon, they are of different weights and blade sizes. Stick with the one that comes with your board first and you can always upgrade, if you find yourself going out on longer paddles. I have several different types you can try out.

Triple action pump  is always handy if you are inflating them each time, we tend to keep our inflated and just deflate for travel or longer journeys. You just need to top them up with some extra and keep them out of the sun if you are going to store them inflated outside. Or you may consider purchasing an electric one but don’t over inflate, it will burst the seams!

Roof rack pads  £13 for a pair and  lockable strong straps are a good investment too.

Night light hydrostar light  £32 for paddling in the dark but cheaper ones will do but you need them to be water tight. £10 night light  from Lomo. Silver reflective bike jackets are  great for night paddling.

Footwear neoprene booties of various thickness are necessary for the cooler months and gloves too.

Wet suits are normally far too hot even for the winter unless it is for SUPolo.

Dry suits are a great winter investment. Normally around £400 for a dry suit but Lomo do one for £200.

Buoyancy aid B.A. are  necessary for winter paddling and if you intend to go out on your own and for kids they are a must.

If ordering from Blue Chip, Bray Lake or Quoroc please mention me. Thanks

SUPolo on Quoroc’s & Polo paddles

Tara &  her kayak & the tip of a 14,6 Blue Fin

Chilling out on STX’s 12,6 & 11,6

4  x STX’s 11,6 & 12,6 secured with roof bars, pads & locakable straps

SUP Yoga on a Quoroc 12,6

Neptune hardboard 12,6 & bamboo paddle

Paddling along on an Aquafusion 11,6